Timber Frames

Timber Frame Package Contents & Building System

A timber frame home is a beautiful, economic and flexible choice for rustic living

For those with a deep desire for a rustic home, our Timber Frames have become a popular choice no matter if they are located in a busy metropolitan suburb or in a rolling country landscape. Here are some points to consider and an explanation of the Huckleberry Log Cabins Timber Frame package contents.

Our Timber Frame System offers old-world country charm with superb flexibility to add color or decorative style to the interior. Our attention to detail can be recognized through the quality of the craftsmanship.

Giving you the flexibility to design the kind of home you’ve always wanted, Huckleberry Log Cabins’ Timber Frame option brings the beauty of natural wood into your home’s interior. The framework is pre-cut, numbered, packaged and delivered to the home site. Our Timber Frames feature large Douglas Fir timbers for the framework and “sandwich” wall panels made of sheetrock, insulation and exterior sheathing. They’re a beautiful, economic and flexible choice for your forever home.

Do you love the interior, natural look of wood but want a more traditional exterior or more decorative flexibility on the interior? If so, then a Timber Frame home is the choice for you. Huckleberry Log Cabins offers Timber Frame construction with exposed timbers on the interior, while allowing for the choice of using more common exterior finishes like conventional siding, brick or stone.

In the construction of our Timber Frame System, Huckleberry Log Cabins uses timeless construction methods to create a framework from 8”x 8” Douglas Fir vertical posts and horizontal beams. This “superstructure” is left exposed on the interior, while insulated wall panels sheath the exterior. 

Huckleberry Log Cabins’ timber frame system is easier to construct than traditional timber frame structures. Honest Abe timber frames require no cranes or special equipment. No special foundation is needed. No special skills are demanded. The framework is pre-cut and numbered, then packaged and delivered to your site – direct from our plant in some areas, with our fork lift equipment in tow. To make construction even easier, technical assistance is readily available along with our free construction manual and your blueprints. 

Doug Keaton

Owner/CEO, Huckleberry Log Cabins

Huckleberry Log Cabins Timber Frame Package Contents

Subfloor System

1. Foundation – (By Owner)
2. Treated Sill with Termite Shield & Sill Seal
3. Joist, 2″x10″ @ 16″O/C
4. Double Header
5. Subfloor Girder
6. Subfloor Decking, ¾” Advantech
7. Subfloor Adhesive


Timber Frame Wall System

8. Timber Frame Posts, 8”x8”, Plates, 8”x8”, and Angle Braces, Fasteners, Door/Window R.O Frames
9. Wall Panels – 7/16″ OSB, Insulation, Sheet Rock
10. Cedar Lap Siding, Cedar Board and Batten or Log Siding
11. House Wrap
12. Exterior Finish


Second Floor System

13. Support Posts, 8”x8”
14. Ceiling Beam Girder, 8”x12”
15. Ceiling Beams, 4”x8”
16. Header
17. Tongue & Groove Decking, 2″x6″


Gable End & Dormer System

18. Gable End Timber Frame Posts, Plates and Angle Braces
19. Gable End Wall Panels
20. Shed Dormer Timber Frame Posts, Plates, Angle Braces
21. Shed Dormer Panels
22. Gable Dormer Framing, 2″x4″
23. Gable Dormer Sheathing, 7/16″ OSB
24. House Wrap – Gable Ends and Dormers
25. Exterior Siding – Gable Ends and Dormers

Porch and Deck System

  1. Porch/Deck Piers – (By Owner)
  2. Porch/Deck Framing, 2”x8” treated
  3. Decking – 5/4”, treated
  4. Porch Post/Plate/Angle Braces, 6″x6″
  5. Porch Rafters, 4″x6″
  6. Porch Rafter Decking, 2″x6″ T&G
  7. Porch Rails, 2”x4”, and Spindles, 2”x2”

Window and Door Units

  1. Insulated, Double Hung, Tilt-Sash Wood Windows
  2. Insulated, Wood Grained, Fiberglass Doors
  3. Exterior Cedar Trim, 1”x5”
  4. Interior Pine Trim, 1”x5”
  5. Screens
  6. Fixed Glass Units


Interior System

  1. Partition Framing
  2. Stair Stringers, 2″x12″
  3. Stair Treads, 2″x10″
  4. Interior Doors
  5. Pine Baseboard/Ceiling/Interior Door Trim, 1″x5″


Optional Items

(not included in standard Honest Abe Log Homes Timber Frame package contents)

  1. Tongue & Groove for interior walls, 1″x6″
  2. Clad Windows
  3. Engineered I-Joist or Floor Truss
  4. Heavy-Timber Stair Package