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Huckleberry Log Cabins is here to help you, no matter what your log cabins need may be. We are happy to guide you through the process of customizing and building your log cabin.

If you are looking for property in order to build your dream log cabin, we can connect you with a local realtor who can help you identify the property that is perfect for your cabin. If you already own the land on which you would like to build, we can perform a site inspection to advise you on the ideal, precise location within your property to place your log cabin that will take advantage of passive solar heating and passive wind cooling.

In addition to selling log kit and lumber packages, we offer two options to help you build your log cabin: a Total Project Management option and a Dry-In Only option.

Total Project Management Option

The Total Project Management Option is a “turn key” service. This option is best if you would like Huckleberry Log Cabins LLC to handle all of the customizing and building for your log cabin from start to finish. After we work with you to choose a design and customize your log kit and lumber package, we will manage the entire construction project for you.

At the planning stage, we will sit down with you to discuss your project and your vision. We will tailor and design the building of your log cabin to comply with your budget, and allot an expense in each category. All expenses will be itemized and clearly identified and explained to you. We can also assist you with purchases for your interior, regardless of whether you prefer the refurbished/repurposed, high-end designs or anything in between.

To prepare for the build, we will schedule all of the contractors and labor for you to complete all aspects of the project, starting with identification and excavation of your building site. We will pull all permits necessary for your build, comply with all applicable regulations, oversee all building inspections, direct and manage all contractors and ensure that your log cabin is built with the highest integrity and quality.

Setting logs for a log cabin demands precision and expertise that most builders do not have. The initial layer of logs that will be set will be checked, measured, checked again and measured again before continuing to stack the higher levels. We only allow highly trained workers to set logs for our customers, and we will verify that each individual log has been set accurately prior to securing the next log.

Dry-In Only Option

The Dry-In Only option is best if you intend to finish the interior of the log cabin yourself or if you already have contractors in mind to complete the interior.

The Dry-In option includes the construction of either the foundation or basement for your cabin, the installation of the subfloor, the setting of your logs, the construction of the trusses for your roof, plus the hanging of all exterior doors and windows.

Staining and sealing the logs would be an extra add-on service at your choice.

This option would allow you to either finish your own interior, or work with your own contractors to install the finished flooring, frame your interior walls, set and paint the drywall, and design and install the kitchen and bathroom areas.

Please contact us for more information regarding pricing and project management options.

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