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 Huckleberry Log Cabins, co-owned by Doug Keaton and Susan Keaton, is an Independent Dealership of Honest Abe Log Homes

Huckleberry Log Cabins  serves log and timber frame customers  central and northwestern Virginia..

When Doug was growing up in Central Appalachia, the cabins he frequented to visit friends and family were not always well-built. The experience of being in these cabins sowed a seed that was watered during Doug’s work in the construction industry, and grew into a love of construction building in general and log cabins in particular. After custom-building their log cabins, Doug was inspired to share that knowledge and experience and help others build their dream home by starting a family-owned business with his wife, Susan.

Susan has over 20 years in managing small businesses as an attorney. You will find her ready to help you navigate everything from the process of getting your home started to managing the decision processes, invoices and other administrative aspects of building your log cabin or timber frame. Her legal experience will help assure that you have everything ready to build when your package arrives.

So many things about growing up in Appalachia are deeply rooted in Doug’s everyday life, from his unique accent, the words he chooses, the way he turns a phrase, his values, and his work ethic. One such word commonly used in Appalachia is “huckleberry”. In Central Appalachia, to be a “huckleberry” is to be someone’s go-to person, true friend, the one who can always be counted on. It was fitting to name the company Huckleberry Log Cabins.

Whether you want to purchase a log cabin and lumber kit, build a new log cabin, or maintain the log cabin your family already lives in, let Huckleberry Log Cabins be your “go to” company. You can count on Huckleberry Log Cabins to work with you on the design, fit and finish and maintenance of your log cabin to create and maintain your forever home.

Meet Doug Keaton

Doug has a background that not too many people share in this industry. He has more than 45 years in the construction industry, with 25 years’ experience as a project manager highlighting custom designs and builds.

As a master electrician in the residential, maintenance, industrial and commercial fields, Doug is filled with energy efficient and creative ways to light the interior and exterior of your log cabin. For more than 40 years, Doug has done residential market work for retrofits and remodeling of walls, flooring, electrical wiring and plumbing, along with routine residential maintenance.

In addition to having that hands-on experience you need in building your log cabin, Doug also has education in relevant fields that will allow him to customize your log cabin to take advantage of the natural resources available on your particular property. Doug has a Bachelor’s degree in career and technical education with a focus on the electrical and construction industries. He also earned his Master’s degree in career and technical education emphasizing the electrical and construction industries with a particular focus on sustainability education and energy management.

Doug’s ABD Doctorate in energy management, sustainability and natural resource management allowed him to teach college coursework for nearly a decade in green building skills, energy management, sustainability and natural resource management. His 15 years teaching adult education courses on construction management, project engineering, project management, OSHA regulations, the National Electric Code, and the International Building Codes assures you that Doug will be utilizing a creative and sound approach that will comply with all applicable industry standards in building your log cabin.

A particular passion of Doug’s is to site and place log cabins on the property to take advantage of passive solar heating and passive wind cooling, which will increase energy efficiency and decrease your monthly bills. Doug has a clear understanding of heating and cooling patterns within the interior of your log cabin.

Because of this, he can advise you on optimizing air flow and heating and cooling within your log cabin by use of the site of your log cabin, of strategic vent placements, and the installation and use of seasonal ceiling fans and other methods to encourage high efficiency and low costs.


Meet Susan Keaton

Susan Keaton is likely the very first contact you will have with Huckleberry Log Cabins. She is the Chief Financial Officer and co-owner of Huckleberry Log Cabins, but it is her background in managing businesses that clients will find invaluable as they start the process of designing their log homes and selecting land. Susan Keaton brings her management and legal background as an attorney to help clients as they begin the process and to help as the building process gets underway and the paperwork and invoices begin to arrive. 

Whether it is to help anticipate the timeline and process or to help you understand all the administrative steps, Susan will be by your side to make sure that you stay on top of and understand everything that is happening with your project.

Prior to starting Huckleberry Log Cabins LLC, Doug & Susan built log cabins using Honest Abe log kits, learning much about the precision required and specialized techniques unique to log cabin builds.


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